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Sorry for the interuption

November 30, 2009

My laptop has been down and I have been unable to get pictures and a crafty post just isn’t a crafty post without a picture.

Things should return to normal soon.


Etsy: New Produce Bags!

November 20, 2009

Brand New to my Etsy Shop!

I just listed re-usable produce bags that are awesome for buying and storing produce and grains without throwing plastic bags into our landfills and oceans. At only $1 a piece, they are a GREAT DEAL! Some stores will even give you a nickel per bag that you use.

FO: Skirt fit for a Tomboy

November 20, 2009

My oldest daughter is a tomboy. She has been anti girly since she was about 5 or 6. The words “dress” and “skirt” were not in her vocabulary.

So you can imagine my surprise when she showed me a skirt at Target that she thought was cute. I told her that I could make one very similar and that is what I did.

And of course it needs to be worn over the jeans LOL

My younger daughter was very insistent that she needed a matching skirt, so here she is also with her jeans underneath.

SWAP: Cheery Placemats for Claire

November 18, 2009

This was also a project made for the Ongoing Wish Swap at Craftster. I claimed Claire313 for some place mats, coasters, and napkins.

I LOVE how these came out and so did she.

SWAP: Muslin Goodies

November 15, 2009

On Craftster I claimed the lovely Lapoli for place mats and a lunch bag. She likes the look of raw materials so I used a cotton muslin.

bird mats
The place mats are two layers of muslin with a cotton batting sandwiched between. They are turned and top stitched. I hand painted the birdies free hand. It’s the first time I have done that, but I think they turned out great and Lapoli loved them.

apple lunch bag
I used Sublime Stitching pattern Fruits and Veggies for the cute little apple guy on the outside of the lunch bag. I just ironed him on and used some fabric paint. The muslin was not sturdy enough for a lunch bag so I lined it with some soft green cotton. The elastic loop and the button makes a perfect finish and I LOVE how it came out.

UFO: Dr. Who Scarf

November 13, 2009

From the UFO Files

I have never seen Dr. Who. My husband on the other hand has childhood memories attached to this show. A few years back, before I learned to knit, I paid a friend of mine to make him a Jayne Cobb Hat (from Firefly and Serenity) and ever since then he has had the idea that he wanted a Dr Who scarf.

dr who
So he encouraged my desire to learn the way of the needles and turned his head when the yarn stores started to take a good chunk of our income. Then he began to beg, and beg, and beg.

He was supposed to get it as a gift last year, but it didn’t get done. I tore it out as it was very wide (I used cheap worsted acrylic rather than the DK it called for, and the largest needles the pattern suggested) so I r-i-i-i-i-i-pped it out. Ouch. I don’t rip things out. I just don’t like doing it, but this was a dire situation.

I restarted it a few months ago and about 30% done or so.

Dr Who, on the needles
Dr Who Close up

I am really hoping this gets done by Christmas. I promised him that this would be the year.

Mommy the Maid

November 8, 2009

I once had a blog dedicated to my family and my life.  It was at Blogger and was titled Mommy the Maid.  I have since stopped blogging there but I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of that blog.  Too many great memories on there.

So, here I am.  My Etsy shop and other crafty ventures are all under the name Mommy the Maid and I would love to keep a blog of the great, and sometimes not so great, things that I create.  So this new blog was born.

I love all crafts and dabble in many of them.  I would love to learn to work with glass, word burning, soap making, and spinning.  I would also like to better my skills with resin, poly clay, and crochet.  My favorite crafts are scrapbooking, sewing, and knitting.  I tend to jump form one medium to the other while spending a good amount of time on each.  Crafty ADD.

I am a member of a few different swapping groups including the awesome site  If you like to craft, check it out.  It is a plethora of awesomeness.

I plan to (and hope to) keep this blog alive with my FO’s, UFO’s, and some patterns and tutorials.  A lot of my crafting right now is for swaps and Christmas which I can’t post without spoiling the surprise, but I will do my best to post what I can.  Besides, my kids won’t be reading this blog, so I can post their Christmas gifts.