The Holidays are OVER!

As much as I love Christmas and the giving of gifts, seeing family members, and stuffing my face with enough ham and turkey to sleep for days, I am glad the holidays are over.

I made 90% of the gifts we gave this year and it was exhausting, although well worth it. I am hoping to post some pictures of those items, but many of them I will need to find first LOL

One huge block of time was spent on the amazing 12 Days of Christmas Swap that I did on Craftster. My partner sent me an amazing package and told me that she in turn LOVED hers as well.

Here are a few items I sent her:
Cake Decorating Kit

Christmas Chunky Houses
6 front

My first crochet project ever and I love these guys!

Bento Set complete with snack bags, utensil roll, and carrying bags
2 of day 2

HUGE duffel bag that my sewing machine almost killed me over

And that was only some of the package! Such a huge swap but so much fun. I am excited for it next year now 😀


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4 Responses to “The Holidays are OVER!”

  1. Nancy Grant Says:

    What awesome creations!

  2. Carmen Says:

    Thank you for being such a great partner! I loved everything!!

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