January Project List

I am going to give myself a few extra days on this list because it is the first list since the old blog and because there is so many UFOs and swaps on it.

Pembroke Sweater Vest 55%
Dr Who Scarf 95% just needs fringe
Crochet Girl Robot 85%
Felt Apple DONE
Felt Grocery Set 65%
3 Jumper Dresses DONE
Cord Pants DONE

Belly Dance Swap Jan 11 DONE
Cloth Diaper Swap Jan 22 DONE
Personal Swap with Sarah DONE
Snowflake ATC Swap Jan 30
Cutesy V-Day Scrapbook Jan 31 DONE
Play Food Sweat Shop Feb 5
Frugal Living Swap Feb 6

Felt Barn Playset
PJ Sleepers 25% frogged
12 Scrap LOs 12/12 DONE
Fleece PJ pants Athena
Fleece PJ pants Troy
Diapers DONE
Diapers DONE



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