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Teeny Tiny Strawberries

January 30, 2010

I spent a good deal of the evening hand stitching these little felt strawberries. They were rather simple to make, but I think I should have made them larger. A last minute thought occurred to me as I stitched down the second to last stem on these berries. I should have made a quick tutorial. Whoops. Perhaps another time. I am not seeing any more tiy strawberries in the near future. LOL

They will eventually be apart of 7 sets of felt French Toast. I am making 4 for the Play Food Sweat Shop Breakfast Edition on Craftster, 1 for my kids, 1 for a personal swap, and 1 as a charity donation to a raffle. Pictures to come once I can bring myself to hand sew again 😀


Home Tweet Home

January 29, 2010

We were in need of more napkins. We were running out before I could get a load of towels into the laundry and I HATE using paper napkins. I whipped up a few of these and I LOVE them.

The birds are a Patty Reed cotton that I picked up at Jo-Anns. The back is an older quilter cotton that was sent to me in a swap on Craftster. I love that they went together so well.

FO: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down your Scarf!

January 23, 2010

While cutting strips of yarn for a fellow Craftster for her own Rapunzel scarf, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at one as well. I only used a few plain yarns to add some bulk and the rest was all novelty yarn. I am an indiscriminate yarn lover so I have a ton of novelty stuff.

Very simple to do and here is my result!

Close up:

FO: Belly Dance Costume

January 19, 2010

The camera battery charger has been found and the camera battery has been charged! Sadly, I had to send some things off for swaps without a picture first, but I will try to get pictures from the recipients.

I don’t have pics of this being modeled as my partner just got this package and still needs to post them, but I will show you the ones I have.

First, the belt. I crocheted in single crochet holding two strands of yarn, 8 stitches across to the length I needed. I then added long yarn fringe for the ties, and longer fringe to the belt. After hand sewing some jingly coins that I bought for pretty cheap on eBay, the belt was done. It took me a really long time to everything done, but I love how it came out, and MadGypsy loves it.

Matching head scarf and hip drape.

Hopefully I will have some modeled pictures soon 😀

FO: Super Man Doll Quilt

January 13, 2010

Sadly, I have lost the battery charger for my camera. Hopefully, I can get the craft studio all cleaned up and find the darn thing. In the meantime, here is the Superman doll quilt I made for my son.

I am not one to only allow children to play with “gender specific” toys, although I do like to dress my son in boy-ish clothing. Anyway, he loves to play with dolls. He is so cute with them. He gives them kisses, feeds them, and puts them to bed.

Hubby isn’t really concerned about this, but he does make little comments about how he could play with his cars or tool set. So in order to accommodate hubby’s need for a more “boyish” way to play with dolls, I made him this super man quilt. He LOVES it!

FO: Sunny Side Up

January 10, 2010

I finished this apron and matching oven mitts for a personal swap on Craftster. It is taking every ounce of will power I have to send it to her. I am in love with it. I thought about making a different one for her and keeping this one, but I made it for her and it shall be hers.

I am very tempted to make a few more of them and sell them in my Etsy shop.

FO: Space Cat Diapers

January 6, 2010

Troy needs an overnight diaper as his Sweet Doll Baby Diapers are not holding up as an overnight diaper although I LOVE them for the day time.

I also have to make some diapers for a swap on Craftster. So I started with these. I need to make the legs a little more elasticized since my little boy has some super skinny legs.

The outer fabric is a really cute Cats in Space cotton print that I got in a swap a very long time ago. There is a hidden layer of PUL and one diaper is lined with fleece and the other with birdseye. Both diaper have a double layer terry soaker that has a pocket for even more protection.

They are still a little large for him, but I am not done playing and trying to make a great overnight cloth diaper for him.

UFO Files: Pembroke Sweater Vest

January 6, 2010

I found the Pembroke Sweater Vest Patternwhich is a free pattern on Ravelry was going to make this for Troy’s Christmas outfit, but a lot of last minute gifts took priority. I have the back finished (needs to be blocked and have some ends woven in) and have just started the front.

I was desperate to get this started and dug out some maroon Red Heart LTD. yarn. I figure that it is going to go over a long sleeve shirt and I can soften it a little in the wash. This is the most intricate cable pattern I have ever done, but I am really liking it. There are a ton of mistakes, but it won’t fit him long anyway LOL

Close up of the cables:

UFO Files: Amigurumi Robot Girl

January 3, 2010

In a swap on Craftster I was sent a very wonderful amigurumi book. Amigurumu Two! is seriously what got my rear in gear to learn crochet and I did it!!

So I decided that these robots were just too cute not to make and I grabbed some yarn and a hook and went to work. She really just needs legs, arms, and a face and then she is done.

I somehow missed one of her stripes and she isn’t as round so I am sure I skipped stitches somehow, but I still love her and think she is cute.

Giveaway at Le Petit Owlet

January 3, 2010

I just braved into the tech world of Tweet Deck and have been playing around a little. During my browsing I came across LePetitOwlet. This Etsy store has some crazy cute wool longies and fitted diapers and I am in love. Then I see that she is having a giveaway right now!

One lucky winner will win a pair of recycled wool longies in their preferred size and color (colors choices will be available once the winner is chosen) and a wool diaper soaker in Le Petit Owlet’s choice of color (will be gender neutral) from Le Petit Owlet.

Go to the Le Petit Owlet blog and put your entries in!