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Cornelia Poppet

February 26, 2010

I finished another poppet a few weeks ago. My daughter wanted one with wings and Cornelia was very indecisive about the wings. In the end we decided they were a no go.

For one thing, I used fabric that just was not a good match for the pattern and a lot of the seams are bursting. I figured I will wait until I get some black alova or buck suede to do a bat poppet.

I also made Cornelia’s clothing which is a first for me. I need some more work it.


6×6 Recipe Cards

February 20, 2010

In a few different groups I have been swapping 6×6 recipe cards with the plan to collect them into a large book one day. I currently have 25 cards and am still swapping.

Here are two of my latest all ready to be sent off and sorted.
Sour Cream Peach Pie

Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings

I used the From My Kitchen Cricut Cartridge for the embellishments. I am in LOVE with that cartridge. In fact, I have something big in store for my Etsy shop using that Crictut cartridge 😀

FO: Pembroke Sweater Vest

February 20, 2010

I am so happy to be finished with this Vest! I used the Pembroke Sweater Vest Pattern that I found on Ravelry.

I would have preferred if the cables were worked to mirror each other on the right and left, but I am very proud of this. There are many mistakes as it is my fist attempt at more intricate cables, but I am in love with it.

Now, if only my son felt the same way. lol

UFO: Sampler Quilt

February 15, 2010

Many moons ago I did a swap on Craftster where I sent out my fabric to other quilters and they made me some wonderful blocks that I could make into a quilt.

I have not yet done that. I still have these blocks and the excess fabric sitting around. I really need to finish it because the fabrics are so fun and the blocks that were made for me are beautiful.

Momma Cloth AKA Cloth Pads

February 13, 2010

I will admit, when I first read about people using cloth menstrual pads, I was a little grossed out. Granted, I also was a little grossed out by the idea of cloth diapers and have grown to love them, so it didn’t take too much for me to come around.

Pairing my desire to tread lighter on Mother Earth and a new found allergy to something they now put into the paper products, I decided to step into a new world of menstrual pads.

I recently claimed Shelanie for a wisty surprise in the OWS on Craftster and made her a set of 6 regular/heavy pads and a wet bag. Here they are:

I used fleece or flannel for the top layer, terry cloth for the hidden inner layer, and either flannel or cotton for the bottom layer with wings.

These were my prototypes as I had never made this style before. I used birds eye (diaper cloth) on one of them before realizing that, um duh, it is white. Not really the best color or material for this particular absorbency need. I have added Velcro to these to use myself.

Cloth Diaper Swap

February 12, 2010

I recently completed the Cloth Diaper swap on Craftster. I was paired with Ekka Girl who made me an extrememly wonderful package of cloth diapering goodies. Here is the package that I sent her:

Group Shot:

Pink Fleece Soaker with a skull and crossbones on the bum, fitted diaper also with a skull and crossbones on the bum and extra insert

A set of six safari camo flannel wipes and 2 bib and burp cloth sets for her new little one expected to arrive soon. The bowling fabric is an older Micheal Miller that I LOVE and the pears and apples is Alexander Henry.

Meet Priscilla

February 6, 2010

This is my very first poppet. I have never made a doll before and I am so happy and amazed with how she came out. Thank you to Ghilie on Craftster for the free pattern and to all the lovely poppeteers on Craftster for their inspiration and help.

February Project List

February 5, 2010

Even with a few extra days, I didn’t finish everything I wanted to last month. I don’t think I took into account how many swaps I wanted to or how many claims I wanted to make in the Ongoing Wish Swap on Craftster. Those items have been added to this month’s list.

Cash Register Felt Set 80%
Dr. Who Scarf 95%
Pembroke Sweater Vest DONE!!
Crochet Robot: 80%

Dinosaur Swap
Personal Swaps
Scrap Swaps ~ Dinos, Candy Land, Monsters Inc. Fairies and Toadstools, Fruit Recipe,

Cloth Pads
Lavender Laundry Soap
Recipe Cards
12 Layouts 8/12
Fleece Pants for Athena
Fleece Pants for Troy

It’s a Me, Mario!

February 5, 2010

Okay, so it’s not Mario himself, but it is the cute little toadstools from the classic game that he stars in.

These were requested by MissMoppet in the Craftster Ongoing Wish Swap. They were a bit of a challenge for me, but I love how they came out!

Almost good enough to eat

February 4, 2010

Remember all those tiny strawberries? Here is what they went to:

I made 7 sets of these!! It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it. My son and daughter absolutely love that the whipped cream is pose-able. I have more felt food and felt play sets in the works including my felt cash register and grocery set that is still a UFO.