February Project List

Even with a few extra days, I didn’t finish everything I wanted to last month. I don’t think I took into account how many swaps I wanted to or how many claims I wanted to make in the Ongoing Wish Swap on Craftster. Those items have been added to this month’s list.

Cash Register Felt Set 80%
Dr. Who Scarf 95%
Pembroke Sweater Vest DONE!!
Crochet Robot: 80%

Dinosaur Swap
Personal Swaps
Scrap Swaps ~ Dinos, Candy Land, Monsters Inc. Fairies and Toadstools, Fruit Recipe,

Cloth Pads
Lavender Laundry Soap
Recipe Cards
12 Layouts 8/12
Fleece Pants for Athena
Fleece Pants for Troy



3 Responses to “February Project List”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Are you planning on sleeping at all this month?

  2. Angelica Says:

    Lavender laundry soap? Sounds great. How’d you do that?

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