Momma Cloth AKA Cloth Pads

I will admit, when I first read about people using cloth menstrual pads, I was a little grossed out. Granted, I also was a little grossed out by the idea of cloth diapers and have grown to love them, so it didn’t take too much for me to come around.

Pairing my desire to tread lighter on Mother Earth and a new found allergy to something they now put into the paper products, I decided to step into a new world of menstrual pads.

I recently claimed Shelanie for a wisty surprise in the OWS on Craftster and made her a set of 6 regular/heavy pads and a wet bag. Here they are:

I used fleece or flannel for the top layer, terry cloth for the hidden inner layer, and either flannel or cotton for the bottom layer with wings.

These were my prototypes as I had never made this style before. I used birds eye (diaper cloth) on one of them before realizing that, um duh, it is white. Not really the best color or material for this particular absorbency need. I have added Velcro to these to use myself.


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