Please excuse my absence…I’ll get a note

I have been gone for a long time and not been as crafty as usual. I think I signed up for too many swaps and have too many other things going on and simply became overwhelmed. I have done a few crafty things and I am getting ready to start posting and sharing.

I have slowed down on swaps although there are some very tempting ones on Craftster right now and a few fun looking ideas on Swap-Bot as well. I have cut myself down to just the 6×6 recipe swaps on Cafe Mom and can rejoin a FEW the kit swaps when I use up some of the scrapbook kits I already have.

Currently I am working on a Retro Housewife Button Fairy for a Swap-Bot swap, some felt food and a fun fabric game for the OWS on Craftster, and anxiously awaiting partners for the Poppet Swap on Craftster. I think that is about my max at this point.

I do need to make my son another mini poppet. It started out to be included in the OYP swap on Craftster but once my son saw it, he took off with it and it was his. Sadly, we lost it at Sam’s Club the other day and there has been no luck in finding it 😦 So it is time to make him another one. I don’t believe I will be using the half button ball covers to joint this one as the other one was starting to loose it’s arms. \

So here is my rather short Project List for the Month of May

1. Mini Poppet
2. felt food for OWS (x2)
3. fabric game for OWS

4. Poppet for Poppet Swap
5. CARS Thank You Cards
6. 25 Scrap LOs out for SCrap Bingo on Cafe Mom
7. Kitchen Curtains
8. Finish Felt Cash Register Set



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