Felt Grocery Store in the Making

I bought a group of patterns from BuggaBugs on Etsy a long time ago. A few months before Christmas of 09. I started the really cute set that included a cash register, market basket, money, a wedge of cheese, and loaf of bread.

Then I got tired of it and stopped. I put the entire project away in a bright tub and even though I saw it a few times, couldn’t bring myself to dig it out and work on it. I am not really sure why I didn’t want to work on it, I just didn’t.

Silly me, the only part really left to work on took me less than 2 episodes of Cougar Town on Hulu to complete. I wrapped it up and gave it my daughter for her birthday.

Not all of the buttons on the cash register are sewed down.  I started using glue to hold them down and then realized this was a bad idea.  There is a reason we have a felt Graham Cracker box that is now labeled “ham” .  Little Man pulls the pieces off.

Action Shot:


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