Top Ten Tuesday: Laundry on the Line

I have not participated in Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday in a very long time.  I would say years even.  I remember how much fun it was to post a list of Top Ten and then scamper throughout the wide of world of blogging and read other lists.  My list this week may sound boring, but it is something that means a good deal to me and I want to spread the word and maybe even the enthusiasm.

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE to Hang Dry my laundry:

1. The cost – It may not be a huge cut in the monthly budget, but money is saved each time I hang the clothes out on the line and don’t run the dryer.

2. Environmental concerns –  Each time I hang the clothes out to dry instead of running the dryer, I save energy which saves fossil fuels.

3. Baby, it’s cool in here! – the dryer heats the house up and in the summer I don’t need anything else heating up the house.

4. The Smell – I am addicted to the sweet smell of sunshine on my sheets and clothing.

5. Sensitive Skin – We all have sensitive skin and dryer sheets really irritate that.  When I hang the clothes out, I notice much less static in our clothing. (I also put vinegar in a Downy ball to help that out).

6. Vitamin D – Get out there in the sun! Studies show that being in the sun and soaking up the Vitamin D can make you happy.

7. Get the kids outside – in a society where children are indoors and sitting in front of a screen, why not bring them outside and let them run around a bit while you are hanging the laundry out to dry?

8. Teaching opportunity – I get to tell my kiddos all about fossil fuels and how not using them helps conserve them and even helps with pollution.

9. The clothespin apron – I have a crazy obsession with aprons and getting to wear my cute apron that holds my clothespins (and makes the job easier) is a definitely a plus.  It makes me fell all cute and sassy.

10. It drives my husband nuts – Yup! That’s right.  It drives him crazy when I can prove that my way is not only better for our planet, but also good for that wallet of his, it drives him nuts.   Don’t get me wrong, it makes him happy that there is less money spent, it just irks him a bit that I was right. 😀

So there is my top ten reasons that I love to hang my laundry out on the line to dry.  Try it sometime!  I bet at least one of those reasons speaks to you.


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One Response to “Top Ten Tuesday: Laundry on the Line”

  1. Clement Zavala Says:

    If only more than 15 people would hear this..

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