Thursday Thirteen: Guilty Pleasure Television

Almost forgot about one of my favorite memes! Thursday Thirteen Check it out and join us.

My Top 13 Television Guilty Pleasures

1. LOST – I had never watched this show and with all the hoopla about the finale, I started watching from season 1 on Netflix.
2. One Tree Hill – I am not one for soap operas, and One Tree Hill boarders on that quiet a bit, but once Hubby got me hooked on it (yes you read that right) I haven’t been able to stop. I am watching Season 7 right now and it just doesn’t work without Lucas and Peyton. BORING>
3. Dexter – I started watching this to do some research for a swap partner on Craftster and got hooked. I love it.
4. Dollhouse – only watched Season 1, but I am hooked. I love Eliza Dushka which is the only reason I started watching, and she is amazing in this show. The season finale ticked me off a little, but I am waiting for Netflix to get Season 2.
5. America’s Got Talent – I can’t help it. I love to watch. There is something about everyday people who are “nobody” getting a chance to shine and show their talent on television. I also have a new “celeb” crush in Dan Speary. He has totally been bumped to #2 on my “freebie list”. I also would pay a butt ton of money to go see Prince Poppycock in Vegas. LOVE him.
6. Firefely – Okay, I have finished the entire season (and the movie) but I always said how uninterested I was in this whole phenomenon and I didn’t want to watch it. I was going to go to my grave not watching it or Star Wars. (start throwing things at me now he he) so of course I watched part of it while my husband was and there you go. I am a fan.
7. On the Road with Austin and Santino – I am a Project Runway Fan and always will be. These two characters crack me up and make some beautiful fashion. It is great TV and great fun to watch gay “city” men ride donkeys in the country wearing $800 boots. Just awesome.
8. Royal Pains – not sure why I love this show so much, but I do. Hank Lawson is HOT!
9. GLEE – I started watching it and thought “oh man, this is so stupid” but I kept watching…and couldn’t stop. Now I am jumping up and down like a school girl in front of the ice cream truck waiting for the next season.
10. Next Food Network Star – I want to be the Next Food Network Star so I am all about this show.
11. Cupcake Wars – Reality TV mixed with my all time favorite sweet. Need I say more?
12. Make It or Break It – I blame my 16 year old sister for this one. One episode and I was hooked. I hate that I watch it and rarely admit that I do, but I have to see this show.
13. Project Runway – Nothing Guilty here. I just LOVE this show. It inspires me to sew more and I just love it. I even watch some of the other countries version of this show.



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