Works for Me Wednesday – “Green Picnics”

Today’s Works for Me Wednesday was inspired by fellow blogger Big Binder . She posted a wonderful Top Ten Tuesday about what to bring on a picnic. I love picnics. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

A few years ago when the idea of “being green” started getting really big I was already using vinegar cleaning supplies, cloth diapering, and using reuseable sandwich bags and wraps. One day we were packing up for a picnic and I had already put a bunch of cut up fruit into a Tupperware container and packed the paper plates. It crossed my mind that I try so hard in other situations to reduce my waste, why not on a picnic?

It seems like an easy concept, but it takes some prep and not a lot of people, including myself at the time, know much about it. So by trial and error, we have perfected the “greenest picnic” that we can.

First, use smaller containers to load up your food. That way everyone can eat directly out of their containers if you don’t want to pack up a bunch of dishes. Bento Boxes are great for this. Wrap snacks and sandwiches in reuseable and waterproof wraps and bags. You can find these on Etsy but my favorites come from MamaMade or the ones I made myself. Make sure you pack all your plastic and non breakable dishes, your utensils, and your cloth napkins.

Now you are going to need three bags. 2 will need to be “wet bags” than go into the washer and dryer. Once again, check Etsy or purchase yourself some PUL and cotton and make your own. The third bag will be a small plastic trash bag if you are going somewhere that doesn’t have a public trashcan. Place all your dishes and utensils in the first wet bag. Place all your sandiwch bags and cloth napkins in the second bag. Then, place all your trash in the trash bag.

When you get home, fill your sink with soapy water and place the contents of the first bag into the water. Then throw that bag along with the second bag and its contents into the washer and start it up. Don’t forget to throw your picnic blanket in there too.

And viola. With little more work than a dinner at home, you can have a picnic in the great outdoors without worrying about damaging the nature that you so love.

This is what works for me! Check out the other Works for ME Wednesday participants and enter to win a really cool Dayspring’s school supplies pack!


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2 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday – “Green Picnics””

  1. Jen @ BigBinder Says:

    This is brilliant!!! I am so green at home, and so not on a picnic – I’m glad you decided to share this information. Yay for picnics 🙂

  2. 'Becca Says:

    This is a great set of instructions! I wrote something similar, but it sounds like you’re even a little greener than we are, using wetbags; we use plastic bags, although usually they’re reused bags that bread or tortillas came in. I love using real plates on picnics because they’re less likely to blow away, soak through, or fold and dump your food!

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