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Friday 5 – INK

September 3, 2010

Five random questions from Be sure to check out some of the other great answers!

1. What are the coolest and ugliest tattoos you’ve ever seen? The coolest tattoos that I have seen are usually full pieces like a sleeve or full back piece. I saw a really beautiful tree of life sleeve tattoo on a girl in my yoga class. I was admiring the work and then realized that might think I was admiring something else…hmmmm. Hopefully she saw my ink and realized it was an admiration of art. The ugliest tattoo I have ever seen was someone with a sailor style heart with a banner that read the F word. It was just below his belly button and just looked ridiculous. I try not to bash on people’s tattoos as they usually hold some meaning, or at least a memory for them. I like to think that everyone has their artwork permanently inked into their flesh for a reason so though I may roll my eyes at the soroity sisters with matching Tweety birds, I try not to bash them. The dude with heart? That was ugly.
2. Have you ever had a meal in which squid ink was an ingredient? How was it? I have not but would not be opposed to trying it. A competitor on Cupcake Wars used squid ink in a cupcake and the judges LOVED it!
3. Are you one of those people who has a favorite pen, or one of those people who just uses whatever’s at hand? What’re your favorite pens like? I tend to use whichever pen the 2 year old has not lost. My favorites are the RSVP pens, but only when the lid is on the back of them.
4. There’s a box of colored markers on the table, and someone tells everyone assembled to grab one. If you have first pick, what do you take? The black one. Maybe the magenta (or pink one), but my first grab would be for the black one.
5. Have you ever written on a wall in a public place? Many times has Sharpie graced the walls of various dance clubs with my autograph. Not that I am proud of this, just stating facts.