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Friday Fill In

September 3, 2010

1. Family is family and no matter who you choose to be in yours, family is all important.

2. When playing with toys, my children tend to goback and forth. And nothing gets put away in between. Ever. That would be too much work to put away the Zhu Zhu pets for 10 minutes while they play with the Kinex blocks. My work is never done.

3. I love a nice cool, late, morning snuggling under my down comforter with my kiddos. There is a lot of giggling and wiggling, and occasionally the accidental kick the face, but it is my idea of the perfect way to wake up.

4. Having the whole family help prepare the food and table makes a good meal.

5. I’ve got the urge to right “funk” in this space. Seriously though, I’ve got the
messiest closet in the world right now. There is a mix of paperwork, shoes, jewelry, computer parts, and the occasional piece of lingerie strewn about in there. I think there is a chocolate Easter Bunny on the top shelf as well. I should be cleaning it out, but nope. I am playing Friday Fill In instead 😉
6. OMGWTFBBQ!: wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a little bit rest and some family time, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and possibly a hike with the kiddos and Sunday, I want to visit a friend of mine at her craft fair and let the kiddos run around the shaded greenery there.