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The Little Girl who Stuck Things in her Ear

September 3, 2010

About a month ago my lovely daughter Athena stuck a popcorn kernel in her ear. She had not told anyone until later that night when her daddy went to clean her ears. Daddy took a peek and could see it and tried to rescue the little kernel himself. After a few attempts, he feared that he would only make it worse if he were to escalate his attempts.

So I grabbed some pants that were not made of flannel or featured Homer Simpsons as my current pair did, and took her to the Urgent Care. They tried everything they good to get the kernel out, but nothing worked and we were referred to an ENT office.

Of course she managed to do this on a Friday night so we got to listen to her complain about the kernel until Monday when we realized that we needed a referral from our pediatrician. That phone call was made and an appointment was set two weeks away at a facility 45 minutes away.

Two weeks of complaining, tears, and mild pain passed.

The PA at the ENT office was not even allowed to look in her ear. I tried to hold her down but ended up with a bruised foot and chipped tooth.

An appointment for sedation was made…for two weeks later.

So today my husband I drove 40 minutes to the surgery center to have Athena put under mild anesthesia so the surgeon could remove the popcorn kernel.

Athena in her gown, ready for the skittles scented anesthesia.

Within a few minutes of us returning to the waiting room we were presented with this:

That is a massive foreign object!

When she woke up from the procedure she was full of smiles and giggles. She wanted me to take a picture and scrapbook it for her. Silly girl.

She is feeling great and is currently upstairs playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys and wondering if she can have homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert.