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Top Ten Tuesday – Pictures of Summer

August 31, 2010

It’s a little late today. We had a very long day filled with school, doctor appointments, and miscellaneous errands.
Top Ten {Tuesday}
Since Athena started kindergarten yesterday I have been forced to realize that summer is over. I wish I could say the same for the summer heat. That has stuck around a little too much for my tastes. With the summer being over, I would like to post my Top Ten Pictures of Summer for this week’s edition of Top Ten Tuesday. Be sure to check out all the other participants! Good stuff this week.

The littles are taking a stroll on my Grandpa’s property near the Ozarks in Arkansas. The land was sold during our stay there so this will be the last picture taken there.

Athena and the King in Memphis TN.

Alex had an amazing ride although I had a lot nail biting moments. The horse is not one that I would want to ride but my daughter is amazing with her.

My grandpa pushing the littles on the swing. This was such an amazing moment.

Athena in the lake. Seriously? I hate being fresh water like that and she was begging to just jump in.

My sister and Athena. They were getting along that day.

In front of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I highly recommend this zoo. It was so amazing and even in the rain all day it was a real blast and there were so many cool exhibits and attractions.


Yee haw! Only, there isn’t a horse…
My husband is like a bird whisperer. Those little winged creatures love him. Within seconds of walking into the exhibit he had one on his head.

Me and the Littles. I love this picture. It is going to be framed on our wall soon.

I wish there were more pictures of Alex, but she had the busiest of schedules this summer and I rarely had the camera ready this summer. Most of my pics that aren’t on my phone are from vacation. In fact, my sister took a few of these. I need to get better about carrying the camera around and not just the phone. Maybe next Tuesday will be a Top Ten pics from the iPhone that I finally synced.

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