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Top Ten Tuesday – Pictures of Summer

August 31, 2010

It’s a little late today. We had a very long day filled with school, doctor appointments, and miscellaneous errands.
Top Ten {Tuesday}
Since Athena started kindergarten yesterday I have been forced to realize that summer is over. I wish I could say the same for the summer heat. That has stuck around a little too much for my tastes. With the summer being over, I would like to post my Top Ten Pictures of Summer for this week’s edition of Top Ten Tuesday. Be sure to check out all the other participants! Good stuff this week.

The littles are taking a stroll on my Grandpa’s property near the Ozarks in Arkansas. The land was sold during our stay there so this will be the last picture taken there.

Athena and the King in Memphis TN.

Alex had an amazing ride although I had a lot nail biting moments. The horse is not one that I would want to ride but my daughter is amazing with her.

My grandpa pushing the littles on the swing. This was such an amazing moment.

Athena in the lake. Seriously? I hate being fresh water like that and she was begging to just jump in.

My sister and Athena. They were getting along that day.

In front of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I highly recommend this zoo. It was so amazing and even in the rain all day it was a real blast and there were so many cool exhibits and attractions.


Yee haw! Only, there isn’t a horse…
My husband is like a bird whisperer. Those little winged creatures love him. Within seconds of walking into the exhibit he had one on his head.

Me and the Littles. I love this picture. It is going to be framed on our wall soon.

I wish there were more pictures of Alex, but she had the busiest of schedules this summer and I rarely had the camera ready this summer. Most of my pics that aren’t on my phone are from vacation. In fact, my sister took a few of these. I need to get better about carrying the camera around and not just the phone. Maybe next Tuesday will be a Top Ten pics from the iPhone that I finally synced.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Summer Recipes

May 31, 2010

I love to cook, but I am not a fan of heating up house on a 90 degree day in order to do so. This inspired my Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda! for this week 😀 Click the link and join the fun!

Top Ten Summer Recipes:

1. Apple Pie in the Crock Pot : It turns out a little more cobbler like than pie like, but it is super yummy and you don’t have to turn the oven on.

2. Grilled Pineapple with butterscotch sauce: The sauce is a mixture of butter, heavy cream, and brown sugar with a dash of vanilla and salt. Spread it over grilled pineapple slices and serve with vanilla ice cream for a really decadent dessert.

3. Grilled Veggie Skewers: soak your skewer sticks and then stab your veggies of choice. My favorites are peppers, onions, and zucchini

4. BBQ Glaze Salmon – I make them on the grill instead of in a 425 degree oven.

5. Strawberry Shortcakes: Simple mixture of strawberries (and other berries) with angel food cake and home made whipped cream.

6. Misty Melon Cooler: I am usually not a fan of cantaloupe but I love this nice frosty drink. I also make it with lo fat yogurt and ice if I am caring about calories that day.

7. Crockpot Granola: PERFECT for on the go, on top of yogurt, and you can use more honey to mold them into bars if you want granola bars on the way to go. I tend to up the flax seed and the honey amount in the recipe. I also have to cook on low and stir a lot so it won’t stick and burn. I also like to add Crasins, and dried pomegranate to mine.

8. Fox Point Green Beans: Foxtrot is a spice that I buy from Penzy’s and am in LOVE with it. I simply boil fresh green beans until “tender crisp” and then add just a few drops of olive oil, finishing salt, and the Fox Point spice. I had never touched green beans since childhood and when a friend brought these for Thanksgiving, I was HOOKED.

9. Sugar Free Gummi worms/bears: I don’t have a mold but we have used other candy molds and they have turned out okay. I am a little worried about the possible dyes in Jell-O, but haven’t researched it yet. I will be though before we make these again.

10. Fruit Salad: It’s easy and simple but it is one of our favorites. I just cut up all sorts of fresh fruit, put it in a bowl, and hand out plates. Our most recent favorite combo is strawberries, bananas, Cutie orange slices, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I also will put out some low fat yogurt for dipping and get some protein into them.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Laundry on the Line

May 25, 2010

I have not participated in Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday in a very long time.  I would say years even.  I remember how much fun it was to post a list of Top Ten and then scamper throughout the wide of world of blogging and read other lists.  My list this week may sound boring, but it is something that means a good deal to me and I want to spread the word and maybe even the enthusiasm.

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE to Hang Dry my laundry:

1. The cost – It may not be a huge cut in the monthly budget, but money is saved each time I hang the clothes out on the line and don’t run the dryer.

2. Environmental concerns –  Each time I hang the clothes out to dry instead of running the dryer, I save energy which saves fossil fuels.

3. Baby, it’s cool in here! – the dryer heats the house up and in the summer I don’t need anything else heating up the house.

4. The Smell – I am addicted to the sweet smell of sunshine on my sheets and clothing.

5. Sensitive Skin – We all have sensitive skin and dryer sheets really irritate that.  When I hang the clothes out, I notice much less static in our clothing. (I also put vinegar in a Downy ball to help that out).

6. Vitamin D – Get out there in the sun! Studies show that being in the sun and soaking up the Vitamin D can make you happy.

7. Get the kids outside – in a society where children are indoors and sitting in front of a screen, why not bring them outside and let them run around a bit while you are hanging the laundry out to dry?

8. Teaching opportunity – I get to tell my kiddos all about fossil fuels and how not using them helps conserve them and even helps with pollution.

9. The clothespin apron – I have a crazy obsession with aprons and getting to wear my cute apron that holds my clothespins (and makes the job easier) is a definitely a plus.  It makes me fell all cute and sassy.

10. It drives my husband nuts – Yup! That’s right.  It drives him crazy when I can prove that my way is not only better for our planet, but also good for that wallet of his, it drives him nuts.   Don’t get me wrong, it makes him happy that there is less money spent, it just irks him a bit that I was right. 😀

So there is my top ten reasons that I love to hang my laundry out on the line to dry.  Try it sometime!  I bet at least one of those reasons speaks to you.